Toon boom's Power in cartoons(Need help)


Please i want to ask aquestion.

The cartoons that i see in the Tv, Does toon boom Program can Export the same quality of cartoons or there are another program used by the professionals?

Such as the 2d cartoons at Mbc3,Disney.

Please i want help because i am very intersting with cartoons and i am looking for competitve product in this field.


As far as I know, many well known studios has used high end Toon Boom products (Opus, Harmony, Digital Pro (now replacing with Animate Pro), Animate) for TV series and feature film. Check the show case at and check the show reel of the TV series and feature film as for an example. I also strongly recommend you to contact Toon Boom Sales and get some consulting.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: