Toon Boom's pay system is confusing


I don’t get why your pay system must be so inconsistent.
A perpetual license would ACTUALLY be my only choice, but even with upgrading from Studio to Advanced, it’s still a bit too expensive for me (726$).
That’s why I was just about to bite the bullet and purchase a subscription license for Harmony Advanced and since I’m a student, I checked out the student opportunities.

But then I found out that, in contrast to the perpetual license, I can’t pay with PayPal.
Why?! I don’t have a credit card and I don’t think about getting one just for Toon Boom.

I also saw that you can’t even pay annually when choosing the education pricing.
I’m totally not a fan of that rent a software-system anyway, same as Adobe’s CC, so it’d be wonderful at least not to get charged monthly.
Instead, I’d rather pay annually, but apparently you don’t offer that.

You’d like to subscribe annually? No problem! Oh wait, you’re a student? Well, your loss.
Oh and you’re more than welcome to use PayPal, so you don’t need to get a credit card and share your financial information - as long as you’re not a student, of course.

No offense, but with such a pay system you’re really preventing me from buying your software.
Why is that so?
I must be missing anything, right?

However, because of that I still have no idea which kind of license I should get. Feel a bit lost now.

$726 for Advanced is kind of high but I paid $700 for Animate Pro 3, have you looked into student pricing? try this

Hi, thanks for the reply. As mentioned before I saw that already.
Even though 17$ per month are affordable, it annoys me that I can’t:

  • pay annually
  • pay with PayPal

Especially the latter is very bad because I don’t have a credit card.

When I was trying to buy my subscription for Essentials, I had to contact support because I couldn’t get it to accept my debit card, and they let me pay with Paypal even though that wasn’t listed as an option on the store page. So maybe they can help you the same way.

I wasn’t buying as a student, but they did ask me if I was.

Just found out against expectation I still have my credit card.
I really could have sworn I already deregistered it since I only needed it for my study abroad two years ago.
Sooo… now that I still have it anyway, I can use it for Toon Boom.


But one question. If you say you could pay with PayPal. How does it work with PayPal actually when you have to pay monthly?
Do you pay manually?

I thought they’d automatically charge me monthly so I wouldn’t have to do anything until I discontinue the subscription.

This actually is my first month, so I haven’t encountered the issue of how to pay for the next month. It probably isn’t automatic, since you can’t use Paypal to take money out of someone else’s account.

What they did, after I told them I wanted to use Paypal and what email to use, was send me an invoice, and then I could click it and pay from there. I hope they send another invoice when it’s time to pay for the next month; I’d very much prefer that over having to email or call them again.

Also, my Toon Boom profile is not showing any evidence of the transaction (beyond the fact that it knows my key is in use); I wonder if that’s usual for using Paypal instead of a card, and how much of a problem this would be if I had to return the key to reuse on a different machine?

When you pay in instalments normally you’ll have a new key every month or on every term you’re supposed to pay another instalment. It should be the same if you use CC or PayPal and with subscription licenses, but I’m only guessing. You’ll have temp monthly keys until you pay in full or while your subscription is valid. You should get a warning from Harmony starting some 3 days before the license expires and if you don’t hear from them by then to pay for next month you should contact them.

Luis Canau