Toon boom working exremely slow.

Hello people,

I have a problem that I hope you can help me with.

I have just been given Toon Boom studio 3 as a present which I was delighted to recieve. Having installed the programme though, it is working at a really slow pace to the point where it almost jams. I’ve made some rough hand drawn animation animations but when I try to pay them the performane is exremely slow and it often jams.

I originally got a trial version of Toon Boom with Computer Arts magazine where I had the same problem.

The programme itself also seems to take a long time to load when I start it up on my PC.

I’m thinking that it may be something to do with my PC’s capabilities
but I find this unlikely as I have other forms of software installed on my computer such as illustrator CS3 and Photoshoip CS and they all work fine with no problems.

Can anyone help?

I’m finding this pretty frustrating as I know that toon boom is a brilliant programme when it works correctly.

Your performance can be influenced by numerous factors. Things like your graphic card settings, your render output setting (Open GL Vs Direct X, having anti-aliasing enabled or not, your computer’s processor and memory ect. So it will be a bit of a process of trial and error to fine tune those various factors to improve your TBS performance. Photoshop and Illustrator don’t tax your system the way an animation application does so they aren’t good indicators of needed optimizations. One significant source of slow performance often ignored is concurrent processes on the computer. Things like background applications that are running on your machine invisibly, but yet they are running using processor cycles and memory just the same. So you may want to see if you have a lot of unnecessary stuff going on in the background. (Windows applications are notorious for dropping these little performance robbers on to your system when you first installed the software, lots of sneaky little background apps that are totally unneeded for your work.) Then you also have to watch your own multi-tasking. Like having IM sessions going and playing CD music in the background and having multiple programs open. Each application uses processor and memory, so shut down those extra applications unless absolutely needed. You can also check your Windows virtual memory settings and also watch out for “spyware” or viruses that you may not realize have latched on to your system and are robbing you of power in secret. Hope this gets you started recovering your computer system’s potential. -JK