Toon Boom Won't Play Sound File

Hey, hello.

I’m currently using a trial version of Harmony Premium while I decide whether or not I want to upgrade/lay down a large amount of money on a program that I may or may not be partial to. Harmony is a nice program, but, despite my best efforts, I can’t get it to recognize that imported mp3s have, you know, actual sound in them.

I’ve been doing a little tweaking using the fix suggested in this thread ( ) but nothing seems to be working.

Is there anything else I can try?

I’m running Harmony on 8.1 and since I’ve only been recently converted from Apple products, I’m a little intimidated by this PC.

Thanks so much for you time and help.

Not all audio codecs are understood by Quicktime and for import into Harmony they also need to be able to be broken down into frame-by-frame format which not all codecs support.

Try using a different audio program because the default settings of the one you’re using appear to not be recognized. If you’re stuck contact support and send them one of your audio files for analysis.

On a side note, MP3s may have some synching issues due to being a compressed format. You are better off using .wav or .aif(f) format.

Contact Support: