Toon boom wont open

Hello! Im an animation student and im currently using the free trial for Toon Boom harmony 16 premium and im having this problem which i really really really need to fix due to project i MUST do with your program for my university.

Everytime that i open Toon Boom it loads, shows me how many days of trial i have left (21) and then it leads me to the very start where you have the optiont o create a new animation or open already made ones.
When i open an already existing animation it seems to load but the program never starts, never opens not even in my task manager does it seem to be up/running.
When i click to make a new one i get the same problem. It seems to be loading but then it closes as if i had never done anything.

I have a pretty powerful pc, i can run photoshop and animate but for some reason Toon Boom wont open.
Id like to know if this is a problem with the program or with my computer

My pc is a windows 10 with a i5-7400 cpu, 3 ghz. Ive got 8 gb of ram and my graphic video card is a gtx 1050
THERE IS NO WAY that i can not run this program, compatibility problems should not be a thing either???
I sound desperate because i. am.

Me too have the same problem please Help

To get the best answer I think its best to send a message to support.