toon boom wont open


1 month ago i downloaded toon boom harmony essentials and got the trial
i open up the program and continue my trial
then if i press new scene
it loads up toon boom, all the tabs and stuff are there, but it stays there for a split second before just closing
like literally no warning, sothing saying why it was closing
literally nothing i did to try and fix it worked
so i abandoned it

so now i donwloaded toon boom harmony premium in hopes that this will actually work
but the EXACT same thing happened!

i searched pretty much every forum to try and fix this but none worked
the only solution was to get a new graphic card but i cant get a graphics card right now

does anyone have a solution???

HI !! same problem here but with storyboard pro 6

i could open it the first time without any problem but now if i try to open toonboom, all the windows of toonboom seems to close, juste the top bar is visible !!

im looking for a solution. anyone ??

(MaJ) it’ close the windows in the Timeline workspace, if i choose a other workspace it working OK but i can not use Timeline , but its my main workspace :frowning: