Toon Boom Vs Anime Studio


Please I want to make a comparesion bet. toon boom and anime studio, quality, animation power, cameras, drawing, sound, etc…

I want to reach a result to take a decsion which program i will use to Export my first cartoon film?

I have good experinece with flash animation and i try to do a short film with flash but the result wasn’t acceptable to me, so now i am searching for such aprogram can give me high quality and professinal work.

In my searching i found toon boom and anime studio!!!

Any one can help me to take my decsion.
Thanks for reading my topic.

regards. ??? ???


read this:


Thierry “Digicod”

Thierry, I believe Engamr is not asking for a comparison between Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Animate. He is asking to compare Toon Boom and Anime Studio, another animation program previously called Moho.

I used to use Anime Studio and it is quite a good program with a very good user forum for support in case you get stuck, etc. Some very good work is produced using AS. It has bones with dynamics and constraints and can import 3D objects, etc.

However, I prefer using Toon Boom Studio as, for me, it is easier to use and understand, can do almost everything AS can do and more and integrate better with my workflow. In the end I believe it is a question of preference. But my personal recommendation would be to use Toon Boom Studio. It works better with Flash and has more options and room for expansion.

Thank you for your help zebtoonz, and i will need your help soon when i get the program and start learning it, thanx a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oups!.. sorry… :-\