Toon Boom V4 (rotoscope)

So I just got Toon Boom V4 and I want to rotoscope but I can’t just file import video like I see people doing with version 5 of toon boom. Is there a way to do it in version 4 or a way to get around using a mov file.

it’s actually a question for a tb studio forum, but anyway:
you can split the film into an image sequence (in quicktime pro, for instance), then import the resulting pictures into an image layer.

Thanks for replying

I was aware of that method. If that is the road I have to go down do you know how a way so each image is not it’s own layer. I am roto-ing over a few minutes. having even 200 layers makes a sad computer.

Yeah I posted both ;D

if you highlight ALL of the frames when you import, then I think it asks you if you want to add it to a new layer…it will add all of the images sequentially into one layer…provided the image sequence is numbered sequentially…

Sorry my version dose not ask me that.
But that would have been really cool.
Thanks tho

i own a tb studio v4.0, too, and it works. check it once again.