Toon Boom User Sites Network

Well, I just set up a little blog tonight, & after sending a bunch of PM’s to people asking permission to link their sites, I had a thought…

I have found the entire Toon Boom community & people on the forums to be extremely helpful, and many members already have their own sites up, so why not make a network of sorts & get all of our sites linked together?

Having found sites like JK’s & Calico Monkey’s so informative on the toon making process, specifically using TBS, I think it could only benefit others to have more sources such as those available. As far as how it benefits you, I can only imagine that more people with links to your site will equal more traffic, & thats exactly what we want right?

Sites don’t have to be geared towards tutorials either, as long as there are samples of your work & such, there will be plenty of content for people to get ideas from etc.
So anyway, if anyone thinks this is a good idea, or would like their site to be a part of it, just say so in this thread, & then go ahead & link your site to anyone else that wants to join the party.

A very admirable plan. Perhaps the greatest value presented by the Internet is the easy exchange of information and ideas. I am certainly pleased that you have found my contributions helpful and I appreciate all of your kind words. The good news is that there are more and more people of all levels of skill and experience starting to share their knowledge on the net. Blogs and Forums are a great pair of inventions. The not as good news is that there aren’t as many people linking all that knowledge together to facilitate the exchange, so your idea is both welcomed and needed. Thanks -JK