Toon Boom unstable

Thats it, im at the point when i just cant stand the way it works anymore. I have been using toon boom software for years by now. On both Windows and Mac OS. Its SO unstable. Lets say i work for about 4 hours a day with it. It will crash around 2 times at least. AND YOU DONT HAVE AN AUTOSAVE FEATURE! I cant think of saving when im inspired.

It has lots of issues. It doesnt work with anything russian. On windows you just cant save to folder that has russian letters like “my documents” witch automatically changes its name to “Мои Документы” (haha even your forum doesnt support russian) when changing OS’ name. But its ok. Just save to some other place. Even though it takes a while wandering across forums so figure that out. But on mac os it seems like some license data is stored in such folder so it cant launch when russian is set as systems language. So imagine me running a computer with language im not that familiar with. And i cant change it every time couse it needs to restart the computer and i use toon boom a lot. Its like if you were using it with french language. Comfortable, yeah? Especially if support says they dont care, wait for the next version (its been more than 2 years already).

Also it got lots of smaller “user-unfriendlyness” like moving toolbars over workspace (especially on top) or the timeline where clicking the lock chooses that layer (not a bug but i had to say about that cous it annoys heavily. why not make a tick as in show/hide layer?) also often when pressing “+” in timeline the menu appears and disappears at the same moment, sound wont play when playbacking in the viewport, using dropper in color picker never works, 2d pictures look horrible in viewport (how do you suppose i will be doing digital inking over a scanned drawing? in render view?). Standard onion skin is horrible as well, especially if the drawing is already colored, using space mapped to a button on a wacom pen works weirdly and with an annoying delay.
Look at Flash. It might not have all those features you have, but its super user-friendly, never crashes and super fast.

And the icing on the cake, along with random crashes, is its slow even with standard pixilated view port.

Just why not release a service pack with stability improvements and new tiny features like auto-save instead of making new versions of harmony and putting new endless discounts?! Im tired of losing my progress. Im thinking of switching to flash. The way you run business makes me sick.

By the way, time to release animate 3. Its been 3 years or something.

Sorry for a long post along with bad english.

Necro’ing this because it’s still relevant today. FIX YOUR UNSTABLE MESS OF A PROGRAM.

I have deadlines to meet which are tight enough without having to re-do work that is either: a) lost on a crash before saving, b) lost on a crash IN THE MIDDLE OF SAVING or c)drawings constantly being lost and hotkeys not working.

Instead of releasing a new version every year, provide patches and support for all the mistakes you’ve made in previous version. I don’t want to pay you for fixing your own mistakes.

Hello Polyp,

We are very sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with our software. Can you clarify for us which software you are having all of these issues with? Since this is the Animate section of our forums, we like to keep help and troubleshooting steps specific to that piece of software. If you are having problems with Animate, please provide us with more details such as your computer specs and which version you are on.

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