Toon Boom tutorials by tonyteach

$10 [PREMIUM] Animate a simple dynamite explosion [VIDEO]
approx. 70min

Looks good tony.

I think you should put the price in the post too (because it is very reasonbly priced IMO).
[FREE] In this tutorial we show an animated pencil drawing a curvy line. [VIDEO]
approx. 36min

(This tutorial is also available in 720p HD for $1, CLICK HERE

$10 [PREMIUM] Animate a simple bug/insect walk cycle. [VIDEO]
approx. 60min

Thanks Raider, I added the prices, a bug walk cycle, and even added a FREE 36 minute tutorial


I will be releasing a new FREE tutorial Monday, July 9th.
[FREE] Create a simple fish animation [VIDEO] CLICK FOR PREVIEW

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[FREE] In this tutorial we show how to animate a fish. [VIDEO]
approx. 40min

(This tutorial is also available in 720p HD for $1, CLICK HERE

Why I animate at 15fps…

The display you present for us is inspiring and very professional.
The prices are not bad…
Here’s a sneak-peek at a lesson from ToonBoom Animate for Flash Users: Masking (I even show gradient masking).

keep up the good work Tony!

Hey All, I’ve been away for a bit, but I have a new tutorial series releasing this Friday… It’s ALL About the Camera!!

Check out the preview, including a peak at our hand-held camera technique!

Our new title, “Its All About the Camera” is a series of Toon Boom camera tutorials based on shots from popular movies. Whereas our previous titles focused on animation and character movement, It’s All About the Camera simply uses stills instead of animation, and focuses mainly on using the Toon Boom camera.

good to see you are still making them :slight_smile: