Toon Boom tutorial podcast

I just uploaded a podcast in itunes (waiting for approval).
it will be uploaded weekly.
-also youtube

when i first started using this program I was lost and found very little info
on this program (jk’s site was pretty much the only good website out there)

so I am aiming this for beginners and also will do video support about once a week if requested. so if anyone new to toon boom email me something that
you want to be shown how to do
contact me at

or you can reply in this specific post

also if you want me to do anything different in the podcast let me know

Sorry I forgot to give you guys the link to my weekly podcast aimed at people new to toon boom.

The first tutorials were not compressed as good as I would Like.
However with the podcasts that i am releasing now are getting even cleaner!

I am receiving many great emails about my tutorials about what they want done so if any one here has thanks! I read all the suggestions and will try to make each tutorial better then the last.

I’m a beginner. and i can definitely say that ton boom isn’t easy and there is very little information out there in bookstores or on the web to help you out, except for forums like these. :slight_smile: thanks for uploading the podcasts. i hope it will makes things easier for others like myself. are you going to continue to upload them to YouTube as well?

Yes I will continue to up. They are uploaded every Monday on YouTube and my pocast. I am getting better at compressing the videos so they will be cleaner. The cleanest visual will be my podcast. The quality is almost twice as good. This is just because of you tube. Thanks for watching. The one being released tomorrow is on lip synching

I think there’s a great need for these out there. It is amazing that you are doing them. Thanks a lot.