Toon Boom too "big" for simple animated startpage?

Hi there,

I was looking for alternatives of the Adobe editors and found toon boom! :slight_smile:

My goal is (currently) not to build an animated movie, but a simple basic front page on my website that shall be animated. There is a basic graphic (my company logo) and when moving the mouse over several areas (circles, half-circles), parts of the image shall fade/change. (I have these pcitures already as seperate jpg files).

So generally spoken, I currently need only these features:
- output as flash swf
- hyperlink area within a static picture
- mouse-over event shall change (I would’t call it animate:-) the picture
- any click will exit the flash page and jump into my companies page (blog)

Is this possible with toon boom and if yes: could you please guide me to a template (or a part of it) that shows how these basic features are built?

Many thanx in adcance & kindest regards,

Not possible with Toon Boom only, you need Flash in one of its many versions from MX to Flash 9. Toon Boom is animation software, Flash is web development software and what you are describing falls under the category of web site development. You ultimately will probably want a combination of Flash and DreamWorks or something similar. There is no joy for you here, sorry, Toon Boom has no scripting or interactive capabilities, it is strictly for animation production. -JK

Perhaps swishmax could be a good candidate for you:see http://www.swishzone.comThere a others that do flash and are not as expensive as adobe flash.Gr,Frankmy animation project: http://circusfaldinianimation.blogspot.commijn tekenfilmproject: