Toon Boom Tips on Particle Effects

Just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to Lilly for the latest tutorials on Particle Effects! I am beginning to be able to wrap my somewhat small brain around how these work with the hopes of being able to use them much more in my work.

For me, using the Particle Effects has been a struggle. Here I have this marvelous tool at my disposal and I can’t even figure out which end is which and when I try to use an already-been-made effect and modify it to suit my needs I have been in the dark–stumbling through the manual and the myriad of settings to try and coax it to do what I want it to.

So thanks, Lilly, these are great and much needed!

I can’t get the snow effect to work when I plug it in. There is just one snowflake that spins instead of falling. Anyone else get this to work?

When i used the rain effect in another template, I plugged it in and it worked just fine.

Never mind, realized I just need to render the effect. Thanks!