Toon Boom Tip: How to create a backup from brushes/workspaces

In this video I’m going to show you, how to create a back up from your workspaces and brushes. This is simple yet very useful. Let’s say you will have to reinstall your Windows or Toon Boom for some reason and you have spent a lot of time to create your brushes and workspaces. Later you will realize that you will have to lose all of your hard work. How ever using this simple method you can keep your modifications in a safe place on your hard drive .This is applicable to animate pro,harmony,storyboard pro , but I’m not sure about the other Toon Boom products. This was done in Windows XP and I haven’t tried this yet on the other operating systems.

thank you

Hi, Parseh

can you please re-post link if it has to do with creating new brushes, because I don’t know for what reason I cannot open it . That would help me very much if you show me how to create new brushes.

Thank You !