Toon Boom Templates Library


Since downloading the trial version of Toon Boom Studio 3.5 yesterday, I have been trying to work through all of the online tutorials. Now that I am working on the Library demo, I am having problems locating the Toon Boom Templates Library. The instructor says that it comes with all version 3.0 and above. Since I have 3.5 then it should be there somewhere. I also cannot find the Toon Boom Clip Art folder. Where are these files located? Thank you.

A. Landis Jones

Open the Library panel and navigate through the library catalog list on your left until you get below the Global library and you should see the a catalog called Toon Boom Templates which expands to contain the clip art and other templates. -JK


If the default templates are not loaded already in your library you might need to refresh them by right clicking (command+click on Mac) in the left part of the library and Reload Default Template.

This should bring back the Toon Boom Template Library that was mentioned by JK.

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Greetings Everyone,

And thank you, mightily, for explaining to me how to successfully resolve this problem. I clicked “Reload Default Template” and now all is well. Thank you, again.

May you have many blessings.

Joy in the Lord,
A. Landis Jones