Toon Boom tech support, thumbs up!

i think Toon Boom’s technical support and their presence here on the forum is one of the its strongest points that i make sure i mention to everybody who asks me about which software to buy.

i had an inquiry sent to two software tech supports regarding a problem i face when typing texts in a language other than English. Toon Boom’s response, though came later than the other company, offered a work around that they obviously spent time figuring out. the other company responded sooner, however they apologized for they had no solution to the issue, then promised to forward it to the development team after i insisted in a follow up email it gets resolved.

just thought of showing my appreciation.

I agree - their customer service has been amazing so far. I emailed them late last night and by the morning I had a response.

Thanks for the feedback!

We do business all over the world, and we are committed to making sure that people can make use of the software in many different countries. Thanks for the kind words!