Toon Boom "Support" = USELESS

8 months ago I purchased a yearly subscription at the Silver level of support. 4 days ago my hard drive died. I have spent the last two two days trying to reinstall Harmony Adv/Storyboard Pro on my new machine. No success. The License Wizard refuses to allow me to either (A) activate my license or (B) “return” my license to re-apply for it. I have called and left message after message, I have emailed back and forth to tech support who respond after many hours with canned replies that disregard my previous email detailing how I have already attempted the exact advice they are now offering, with screen shots, etc. The attitude seems to be, “Good luck with that–we’ve got your money, you’re on your own from here.”

I didn’t think a software maker existed that could make me long for the Adobe Experience. Congratulations Toon Boom!