Toon Boom Support SUCKS - 2 Weeks and Nobody Returns Calls or Emails - Cannot Activate SB Pro - NEED HELP PLEASE!

I have a Silver Student license for Storyboard Pro. Recently, I purchased a new PC, and I cannot get Storyboard Pro to activate. I have tried returning license from my old PC but the return button is not active. When I run the license wizard on the new PC, it shows “Return” on the license. I can successfully return and then activate the license in the wizard - but when I launch Storyboard Pro I get “Unable to find valid license for the application”.

I am a student with deadline and I need to get this resolved PLEASE. I have left multiple voicemail and email messages with support for last two week an NO REPLY!


So I tried again to email support and they got back to me today. I suggest not leaving a voicemail on the support phone number, stick to emailing.