Toon Boom Studios just Crash all the time

The project just close it self, no warnings, no nothing.
When the animation start to have more frames.

I work with a Avell

Intel Core i7 - 3630QM 2.40ghz
16 GM Ram
64 bits System

The software is updated…what could it be?

When you say it happened when you added more frames, how many frames were there before you added more and it crashed?

How many frames were you adding when it crashed?

Are these empty frames or is there content involved?

An bitmap images involved?

What i mean is when i try to animate anything with more elements.

I did all the characters of my games in toon boom studio. When there is only one there is no crash.

But i was trying to do a animation with scenery and more characters, that file crashes! All the time!

I use bone deform in PNG files.

I was using toon boom 7.1

Just updated to 8.1 and for now that bug is fixed!