Toon Boom Studio

I’m a real newbie to animation. Been at it a few weeks using apps on the ipad. So no more than 5 layers, which isn’t that great. So I’m thinking of maybe buying the Toon Boom Studio package and see how I get on with that.
I’d be really grateful for any advice from anyone who has bought it, and what your views are about it.
Many thanks,

I would definitely go for Animate over Studio. I’ve used Animate/Animate Pro/Harmony and the School I work at uses Studio. I find that Animate is so much easier to use and understand than Studio. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to Animate but I feel like punching the computer when I use Studio. It’s very different to the Animate family.

Check out the demos and see if you like what you see :slight_smile:

I’ll definately take a look at Animate.
Thanks for the advice.

I just lost a better response. Here is a second attempt.

If you have not already done so download the Trial and go through the User Guide. You will probably find a steep learning curve and it is not something you can quickly get up and animating with. IMO Studio is less of a beginner’s intro than it is a stripped down and cruder approach to animation software. The Animate product level has much more to offer a beginner. How could that be?

There is not that much support material out there for Studio. In contrast, there is much more and much better material supporting Animate, Pro and Harmony. I tried all three Trials (no trial for Harmony) and decided to jump to Animate. Then after careful consideration I chose Animate Pro instead.

Everything in Animate and above is much more refined. The way you do things, how it looks while you are working on animations and the results are much better. I felt that I had a better chance of growing faster and farther using Animate than Studio even though there is also more to learn.

There are not many professional tutorials for Studio and most amateur tutorials reflect a lower bar. I did locate one two-part video that got me up and running. Search for the angry red bird cartoon tutorial for Studio. Watch carefully. The sequence in which buttons are activated is important and something will not produce the result you want unless you duplicate the sequence. Each step is not always verbalized. So if you don’t achieve the same result go back and watch it over and over paying attention to every step you see, not only what is said. This is true of all tutorials but it seems extra significant when using Animation software. The drawing tools work similarly to those in a drawing program but when you go to animate you need one thing active before another thing activates, for instance. A common question is something like, “why doesn’t my animation move?”

Hi Ampy,
Many thanks for your reply. Especially as you lost the first attempt. Really annoying.
I’ve not downloaded the Trial yet and will take your advice on that.
When I know more what I’m doing I’d like to have a go at Animate, but funds just won’t allow it at the moment.
Once again, thanks very much for the reply. It’s been most useful for me and I’m sure it will be for many more newbies.