Toon Boom Studio with malware???

So this is the problem that I’ve been having:
So, I’ve been using Toon Boom Studio 8.1 on my laptop (ASUS) for a bit, and it’s completely fine. I decided that I wanted to try making one with sound (hadn’t done so before), so I created this animation,1 minute 49 seconds long ( I didn’t know how to cut audio at the time, so it was long , but the animation repeated in several places) with a audio track of the same length. (.wff file)

I was all finished with it, so I exported it as a Quicktime movie. But, when I played it back, the audio was off.
I looked up reasons for this happening, and somebody was suggesting that it was because I wasn’t animating at 24 fps (12 instead). I made a new file, extended everything to make the timing right, and exported it again, but the timing was still off.

I tried to make a shorter animation with sound just today, but I had the same problem. I tried exporting it as different file types as well. I was animating at 12 frames per second again, but I didn`t want to go through extending everything by hand to make it work for 24 again, so i tried making a new project one more time.

However, then I started to have another problem where the line didn’t start to show up until a half second after i drew it (Not a tablet problem, didn’t have the problem when drawing in ms paint), so I decided to try to re-install toon boom. But when I tried that, my computer told me that the files contained malware, and removed them. So now, I can’t even use the program at all.

So, the most important thing for me would be trying to get the actual program back on my computer, and second would be fixing the sound. The lag was a one time thing. Would it be because of the power of my laptop?

I would very much appreciate getting some help on this issue. (I originally emailed Toon Boom support about this, but no one has replied to me, so hopefully somebody here can help.)

Thank you!