Toon Boom Studio Wiki Q&A Thread

The Toon Boom Studio Wiki is not yet a month old but it already has about a hundred pages of content. Our goal is to have it grow and become a significant knowledge resource for all Toon Boom users. It is fully collaborative which means that anyone can contribute. We do have guidelines for contribution which you can read HERE.

I’m starting this thread to encourage discussion about how to use and take advantage of the Wiki. So please don’t hesitate to post your thoughts and opinions and suggestions. I realize that this is a new approach to information sharing and that for many people it is not totally understood. But basically the Toon Boom Studio Wiki is an encyclopedia style knowledge base about TBS and using TBS. Forums are great for discussions and interactions, blogs are great for articles and tutorial materials, and a Wiki is a great collaborative information source. If you have learned something that helped you better understand some aspect of TBS and you want to share that knowledge, you can do so through the Wiki. It doesn’t require a huge commitment of time or energy like writing tutorials or publishing a blog, you just register at WetPaint our wiki host, and then you can start adding your contributions. A contribution can be as small as correcting a typo on an existing page, or adding a clarifying sentence to a page, or writing a paragraph about a topic, or adding keyword tags to pages to help other find things when they search, or adding whole new pages on topics not yet started. The Wiki contains both words and images and soon may also include videos.

One possible misconception might be that it is just another user’s manual. That’s not our goal. Yes there is plenty of content that is similar to that found in a user’s manual, but there is also significant content that is well beyond any manual and hopefully many gaps between how to really use TBS and how to just navigate through the software are being addressed. Of course the beauty of the Wiki is that it can evolve to meet your needs and you as a contributor can help to shape that evolution. There are two ways for you to do that. One way is to contribute directly as an editor author on the Wiki. The other way is to make comments and suggestions for what you would like to see in the Wiki and post those suggestions and comments here in this thread. Your input is important, after all the reason we started the Wiki is to help you and other users and potential users of TBS. -JK

Special thanks go out to Rob Campbell and to Ugo of the TBS staff for both contributing content to the Wiki. Your contributions are really appreciated and hopefully each of you will continue to contribute as well as to inspire others to join in building this collaborative resource -JK

Hi JK,

Thanks to you actually to putting up such a great tool. I can’t guarantee I will be able to add much but I will try to give a look to the content and post some new content whenever I have time.



Just a brief update on the Cartooning in Toon Boom Wiki:

I am planning to update and expand the Wiki information to include new materials relating to version 4.0 of Toon Boom Studio as soon as the software is officially released.

If you are not currently visiting and using the Wiki, please drop by and register as a WetPaint user so that you can have the opportunity to contribute to and collaborate on this useful resource.

Also, we are always looking for ideas and comments on how we can improve the Wiki. So please post your thoughts here in this thread. -JK

Just a quick note: There is an excellent new tutorial that has been added to the Cartooning in Toon Boom Wiki

Importing Bit Mapped Images Into TBS with Transparency

It was produced by Wiki member DNethery and it is excellent. I hope you will enjoy watching it and learning some new tricks. -JK

When you get a chance, check out the “updated” page on flipping on the Cartooning In Toon Boom Wiki.

David Nethery has added some great tips on flipping and controlling drawing space rotation including pictures of his set up, a very interesting approach and an informative addition to this page. -JK


I’d seen that Powermate controller in the past, very useful. We were going to hook it up to a foosball table and use it to keep track of stats by attaching it to a database of users.

Damn we were nerds.

Making the controller manage previous/next frames is much cooler.

Just a reminder, please visit the Toon Boom Studio WIKI (see the link below). This resource is there for your benefit so join the community and take full advantage of the discussion threads and the reference materials. We are trying to grow the WIKI as a knowledge base and your participation is certainly appreciated. -JK

Hi i’m relatively new to toon boom and everything i know is pretty much self tought (which isn’t very much).

I’ve been looking everywhere and i can’t find out how to make joints. What i mean is to connect objects such as the 2 parts of an arm together at the elbow joint but still be able to pivot it.

I’m currently doing a new cut-out character tutorial for the Cartooning in ToonBoom blog and as soon as it is posted online I’ll make a notification posting here on the forums. It covers how to take a drawing, cut it into body parts and how to then create a hierarchy of those parts and put together a simple rig for animating the cut-out character. In the meantime check page 3 of the Tips and Tricks thread in this tutorials section of the forums where I have a detailed post on how to attach elements together in a hierarchy. Otherwise stay tuned.-JK