Toon Boom Studio way to slow?

I had Toon Boom 4.5 and it was slow, so I was hoping, maybe after upgrading to 8.1 it would be much faster, but it’s still extremely slow. I have 33 subscribers on YouTube waiting impatiently for a 3rd cartoon and it’s too difficult to use. Is there a way around this?

To think Toon Boom is being used to make Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Well, difficult to say, without knowing something about your system-setup and project structure ?

Studio Projects with huge and complex set-ups can become slow responding.
But, that applies to many other applications as well.

Regarding to rendering: As far as I know, Studio is still a 32bit app. and can utilize only a single core. No Multi-Threading yet…?

Either, structure your projects differently, e.g. splitting them up into smaller units.

Or, you might consider improving your system setup, if you haven’t done so already.
Freeing up some space, or using a bigger / faster Hard-Drive, or installing an SSD.
Improving on your Graphic-Card performance.
Using a dedicated Hard-Drive as Scratch-Disc for all your projects.