Toon Boom Studio v4.0 is Leopard ready!

Hi Everyone,

I know lot of you were looking forward to this so here it is:

Toon Boom is pleased to announce that a Studio 4 patch is now available for all users running Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). If you are a current Studio 4 Mac customer you need to:
1) Login
2) Go to the My Products page
3) Click on Download to get the patch

This Studio 4 patch is for Mac OS 10.5 customers only and reaffirms Toon Boom’s commitment of making its animation software compatible with the leading operating systems.

This address Wacom tablet issues and scanner issues with OSX 10.5 Leopard. There is also a fix for Wacom on G4 and G5 addressing creating of dots instead of strokes.

Enjoy the patch,


I don’t see the patch – just the same old version 4.0 – listed in My Products. Does this already have the patch applied or something?


Download the installer it is a full new version.



It works!

I’m confused. Is this the release addressing V4.0 issues for all users or only for Leopard users. We use the Mac but we aren’t using Leopard yet. Has this been tested on PowerPC running OSX 10.4.10. or below? Your post seems to indicate that non-Leopard Mac users should not use this new update. Clarification please, and is there a normal second (third) version 4 fix release still coming? -JK


The new version was tested on:

G5 OSX 10.5
G5 OSX 10.4.11
Mac Intel OSX 10.5
Mac Intel OSX 10.4.11

It mainly addresses compatibility issues with OSX 10.5 Leopard but there was also a fix applied for tablet issues on G4-G5 using OSX 10.4. This new version is a Mac version only and I guess the only case you don’t need to apply it would be if you have a Intel Mac with 10.4.11.

For the moment I cannot say if or when will be the next patch for version 4.0. Nevertheless if you find bugs make sure to report them.

Best regards,


Download the installer it is a full new version.


Ugo - It’s great that you guys are willing to put this effort into your “non-professional”, lower-profit product. Thanks!

Thanks UGO I downloaded it and will report any issues although I don’t expect any. -JK

Installed and looks great. The back of the pen no longer knows it is the eraser anymore, (I have to manually switch using the toolbar but gets me going.


Is anyone else still having problems with Intuos3 on Intel Mac OS 10.5? I’m still merely getting dots. What am I missing? I downloaded TBS v.4 under my products and reinstalled. I even uninstalled the last version first.

Still having issues. Loaded the latest drivers for Wacom. Latest version of TBS 4. Reinstalled all and tested. With an Intuos I and Intuos II and a Graphire 4. Just dots. BUT!! If I use my mouse and just click once anywhere on the desktop they all suddenly begin to work. Not exactly fixed but it beats animating like Seurat.

Mac Pro 2.66, Dual 20" Cinemas, NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT,Mac OSX 10.5.

The patch worked and now my Wacom PEN works but the mouse now will not function - anyone else having this problem?


You are right there seem to be something broken with the mouse. We should be addressing this in the release.

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I haven’t installed leopard yet… I suppose that if I did, a new version of QuickTime would be installed automatically, and so I wouldn’t be able to use the preview in TBS anymore, am I right ? Or does the patch solve the problem with leopard… Or does leopard leave the old QuickTime version intact ? I would prefer to know before I make the big step… If anyone knows…
Thanks from Robin

It is advisable not to upgrade to Leopard at this time unless you have some overwhelming need to do so. The adjustments made to TBS to be compatible with Leopard do not yet address the changes to Quicktime and if you install Leopard you will get the new Quicktime and not be able to roll back to an earlier version of Quicktime. -JK

Thank you for this very useful clarification… Leopard has some interesting features I am looking forward to like automatisation of recurrent processes in any application… But I shall wait…

I am having those problems too… Which release are you refering to ?
Thank you


Probably the next major release since you could always use your real mouse as work around and should be using the pen over the mouse on the Wacom. This being said depending on how much this imply it may slip in a patch for the current version.

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OS 10.5.2
quicktime 7.4.1 (14)

no quicktime will not give you a preview at this time
so if you need that feature stay with the version you have