Toon Boom Studio V3 Limits

Does anybody know what kind of animation Toon Boom Studio can’t animate? I heard somebody say that anime won’t be animated so good on it. Is this actually true?

Actually I tried anime animation on Toon Boom Studio today and it didn’t look bad at all. I guess they must have not known how to animate.

anime works on 3s or even on 4s. it’s not easy to create fluent movements in that way, but you can produce many seconds per day.

Yes it is time consuming but at least it can be done. The good thing is that the project I’m involved with is a 15 minute short.

The question ought to be: what can YOU animate? The software doesn’t do the animation. You do the animation. If you want to do anime (though I never can understand why anyone would want to make or even watch anime), you can do it with sticks and charcoal and a pinhole camera. Or you can do it with a US$15,000 animation package. Or you can do it with Toonboom Studio.

The limits are not within the software. The limits are within the animator.

Though I’ll admit: you definitely can’t do clay animation in Toon Boom. Though…actually you could, with a proper camera setup.

Yea I’m not the biggest anime fan but it’s a small project I’m involved with. I wanted to try clay animation too, would a 3.2 Cannon S230 be able to do it combined with Toon Boom Studio?

For clay you can try this freeware listed here

It would seem to me to be a matter of the person using the tool, not the tool itself.
I would think that you could do whatever you want in ToonBoom.