Toon Boom studio V3.5.1 has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I am running Toon Boom Studio Version 3.5 and when i try to “Preview movie” it says “Toon Boom studio V3.5.1 has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

However, Quicktime is running good by itself, it can play files just fine.

I have not seen any problems exactly like this one in the forum, but ive tried solutions for similar errors and nothing has worked so far.

This exact program worked fine on my older dell computer which is running Windows XP home edition. My currect computer is running XP Professional with a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT video card.

Any tips for trying to get around this problem? thanks

Hi,Which version of Quicktime is currently installed on your machine? You might also want to get the latest drivers for your video card to make sure everything is up to date.Regards,Ugo

I have the latest version of quicktime, version 7.4.5 I just downloaded the latest video card drivers from Nvidia’s website and I still get the same error message. :frowning:

Hi,If you open up a brand new project draw in a cell and try using the function again do you get the same error. This may actually be related to the project so I just want to make sure everything is fine with the function itself.Regards,Ugo

Hello, I tried creating a new project and got the same error message. If i export the project, i can view it on quicktime. But i can not actually use the preview movie feature inside of toon boom.A friend of mine was telling me that the problem might be that my computer. He said there was a way to tell the program to use only a single processor instead of two. But I dont know how to do that or if it would even help? :-\

Hi,You might want to try running Toon Boom in compatibility mode. Not quite sure if it will change much but I guess it is worth the try. To do so go to the location you installed Toon Boom Studio and right click on the TBS.exe file then go to Properties. In this new window go to the compatibility tab and trigger on the compatibility mode to set it to Windows 2000. Also you may want to consider downgrading your version of Quicktime since the new version no longer allow the usage of Quick Preview (it should not affect the Preview Movie and Preview Scene but still you can always try this). You should be able easily find an installer for version 7.1.5 of Quicktime which should be fine.Best regards,Ugo

hi…i think it’s a dual processing thing too…my pc (dual Xeon 3.02 ghz) has the same problem some times…i tried evrything to sort it out…IDE instead of scsiexactly the same memory stripesa format c: and a fresh win2000 or XP professionalit’s stil comes up sometimesi use quicktime 7.1.6. but 7.3 gave me the same problem…I also discovered that the crash happenes with the sound on…(yeah i tried 3 different cards)If i render without sound it’s all ok.and on a single processing pc it’s ok too so i have to live with it…if i export the movie then i don’t launch it in quicktime but just the flashplayer