Toon Boom studio upgrade...


A upgrade is it planned for Toon Boom Studio this year?
If so, that you it will contain?

Would it be possible to have laying out animation in 3D
space in next upgrade?

Thank you for your answers, and congratulations for this
superb software of animation!

Sorry for my bad English… :-<br />

Thierry - French user

Salut Thiery,

The 3D layering is already available in TBS. It’s actually one of it’s most power feature.

You can open the top and side view window to get a better 3D representation.

We don’t have any plan to make an orbit view like the one we have in Solo (the free view) . I would require to much developing effort for what it is worth.

We are currently working on the next version of TBS, I can’t tell you when it will be out (or if it will be in 2006 for that matter) cause I don’t know. What I can tell you is that we will include fundamental changes, news features and improvements to the current tool set.


PS: Je suis très content de savoir que tu as apprécié le premier workout !!! Les autres seront encore meilleurs!

A bientôt.

bitmap editing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Rob, BITMAP EDITING would be GREAT!

How about it, Mathieu, let’s have Bitmap Editing in the next version, okay?


Hummmmmm that would be nice !

Sorry to disappoint but not for the next version. Maybe the one after.

I don’t want to exclude bitmap editing but it won’t be possible in a near future. All the software is based on the vector model, it would take a huge amount of effort to add bitmap editing capabilities into TBS.

Sorry guys ! Keep on dropping ideas like this, I’m very interested in what you guys think.


too bad :frowning:
but i thought you read ‘suggestion for toon boom studio’ section from time to time :wink:

Thank you very much for your answers Mathieu.
I appreciate that you work on a succession and improvements of “TBS 4.0” ! :wink:

I wish you good courage.

PS: I hope to see part of the team in Annecy the next month, I do not live far.


Thierry - French user

If its not too late …I’d like to request two very basic changes to TBS for the next upgrade. I have in the past … made these request …so this I consider to be a ‘last call’!

1. Provide an additional “GIF” export format
2. Provide the ability to incrementally increase/reduce size of objects
in a measured way …in addition to the existing free-hand method.

::slight_smile: Thanks

this is irrelevant for me. anyone can convert the image formats, even in a batch wayif you mean the line thickness, then it would be a great improvement. each sizing changes the line thickness, so it renders it unusable in the first place.

Good for you …well its relevant for me … and it should be a simple upgrade. It would be an asset to be able to export and play-back my work as a GIF file as an additional format.

no I don’t mean the line thickness. If, you draw a person for example in a single element and wanted to increase the size of the hand (for example) in a …“measured” way …its a nice feature to have. Currently you can increase the size of the entire elelment …thats not what I need. Oh and by the way …the same would apply to the rotation of objects. Once selected …it would be a nice feature to be able to rotate the object ( or increase the size) in a measured way …similar to how we are able to move the object measureably left/right …up/down.

TBS is a very good animation application as is right now. These are not deal breakers (particularly the 2nd request) … just a few additional features I’d like to have base on how I work and some ideas I wanted to explore. I’m hoping someone who can actually effect change will look at this.

oh come on → you can convert any amount of images at a mouse click in the free irfanview (for pc-users):

you can rotate any selected element at a 15° pace (holding the shift key) or manually, if you drag the outer point in every selection.
do not take it personally, but these would be my least wishes for the future software upgrades.


Your actually irritating me. Just post YOUR REQUESTS and stop trying to dilute my requests with your rambling!

I know why I need these additional features … and you don’t! >:(

ok, you’re right, sorry.

and i already posted my requests in the ‘suggestion for toon boom studio’ section :wink:

but, as far as i know, gif is still a private property, and not a public domain (correct me anybody if i’m totally wrong). if it’s the case, maybe there are legal reasons about such an export?

Indeed Rob,

GIF exportation is currently under IBM’s property until August 11 2006. PNG came out to actually counter the fact that GIF wasn’t a public domain. (check here for more informations about GIF:

As for your request tiger it is true that you currently can’t scale a drawing with numeric values but you can access the function editor (window>function editor) to do such task once you attached your element to a peg. This is a great work around for the time being.

Also, continue to send your features requests, we do read them and analyze the possibility to include them in future versions.

Best regards,


Thanks for the feedback. I am aware of this …and it still does not meet my needs. Ever, draw a face in one frame and move it in the next frame? Well I would like a feature like what we currently use with the arrow keys (and shift) to move objects up/down left/right etc…in a measured way. I would like to incrementally rotate an object in a single frame or enlarge/reduce it measureably. I find this better suited than to use the PEGs to rotate a finger in frame 236 by 2 degrees counter-clockwise.

+Having such a feature would be simpler, and allows me to tweak my work real time in a much more controlled way. Like I said …its how I work.

I have become convinced that using the PEG features too frequently only ends up making the animation look very very mechanical and stiff.

The cut-out method TBS talks about …in my view … can be very complicated …only to have your characters looking like robots in the end! I prefer to keep the usage of the PEG features to a minimum, opting rather to use the traditional frame-by-frame technique to emphasize the little subtles that brings realism to the character.

Right now I do these rotations, enlarge/reduce manually …and I’m getting better at it … but having this feature would make life a bit easier!

As far as the GIF exporting is concerned … I once tried out a software that converted swf to GIF …however I was not sold on this. In many instances the converted format would somehow skip some frames only to have the final product have “speed” related issues.
This is just another feature I wish TBS had. Until now I was not aware of MS involvement.

Hello People,

I’m glad to see some of you have ideas for future versions of TBS.

I like to hear all ideas !!!

Please let me share my point of view on the latest discussed features. Oh and BTW, Thierry … we have a big both at Annecy pass by if you can and we’ll see you there !!!

Feature discussion

Gif export:
Could we include it, yes probably! Should we include it … not in my opinion! Why ?

You see, we are providing a animation for high quality animation and Gif is very limited as a format. It can only contain a maximum of 256 colors and TBS works only in True Color (24 bits min.). So how will you output look once exported ? Ugly ! This is why we never include gif export or animated gif.

Also, Ugo is right, if we would like to include gif export we would have to pay a license. If it’s something we could do quickly I might have said why not but we evaluated the effort in the past and decided it was not worth it.

For line scaling:
Brush lines are like painted region. When scaling an object, there is no way for us right now to tell if this particular region is a painted region or a line (do we scale or do we not scale ?).

If you use the center line tools (polygon & shape tools and pencil tool) you can change the thickness of the line at anytime including after scaling. (using the pen tab) If you wish to scale a drawing that was drawn with the brush tool, you can try to “Extract center line” from the tools menu to transform the brush lines into pencil line and then change the value of the thickness. But then, you might have to repaint your drawing since when the lines are converted, the painted regions are detached of the lines and sometimes create small white gaps.

In the high end software we have both color art and line art separated so we can achieve this with any kind of lines. This would complicate thing in TBS.

BTW, I do look at the Toon Boom Studio suggestions forum so send us your thoughts.

Thank you,

tiger, i just want to clarify what you mean. So right now in the drawing view you can select your drawing and use the up/down/left/right keys on the keyboard to move the object like 1 “place” either way…you want that also for rotate and scale, in drawing view? So say you select your object, but then use a rotate tool so that when you press left or right, the object rotates 1 degree (or whatever measurement it may be)? Same idea for scaling? If so i agree that would be a good idea, although just personally i don’t think its THAT difficult to do currently.



Thats right! Most of the replies I’ve read so far indicates that there may be some mis-understanding of exactly what I’m asking for. And I agree that this would be simple for TBS developers to do.


I guess if its a financial decision I can understand why no GIF export is provided by TBS. However, the attraction in GIF export is exactly because of the simplicity and limitations you explained. I was not expecting to use GIF export for high quality work.