Toon Boom Studio Upgrade to Harmony Essentials question.


I recently received the email offer sent to Toon Boom Studio owners advising them they can Upgrade to Harmony Essentials for just $99 USD.

My question is, is this a ‘time-limited’ offer or will this upgrade price be always $99 USD for TBS owners?

Thank you and keep up the good work.

You should email Sales/Support about the current prices being exceptionally limited but you probably will not receive a definite answer if there is no end date posted wherever the sale is advertised here. Prices will not remain the same indefinitely if you wait long enough. Once there is another round of upgrades released you will be that much farther behind. Usually the way things go the more distance to cover from version to version the more it costs. This is just my opinion but this being the rollout of an entirely new game plan the current prices are likely to remain in effect until the next generation of software release which would be about a year from now. There have been sales at various times of the year in the past so maybe it will be available for less before it eventually goes up.

Thank you for your reply.