toon boom studio software design

im a big fan of toon boom studio’s interface design. i think they really did a good job on it. it feels very natural specially if your coming from a traditional animation background/school of thought. and going for vector as supposed to raster image is also a good decision. worrying about output resolution/aspect ratio a thing of the past. the tools available are all thats needed to make paperless animation.

having said that, i do have some problem with toon boom studio’s decision for the “brush”(not pen) size in relation to zooming. its not consistent. an example would be when i have to zoom out to sketch an image. the reason i zoom out sometime is when i draw a face filling up the screen. its hard to draw something that big at 100% zoom. drawing something like that on a wacom tablet would have to mean drawing a longer line. a longer line usualy means an inaccurate line. very hard when you try to clean up a drawing. the “pencil’s” size does work in relation to zoom but i like the using the “brush” tool for its natural look(thin & thick). i wish the “brush” size would work the same way as the “pencil” size in relation to zooming.

what is the reasoning behind this design on “brush” size in relation to zooming? can toon boom studio make that change?