Toon Boom Studio says it can´t find my file... But its right there!

(fist of all I´m dyslectic and english is not my first language so excuse any poor spelling or grammar)
So I’we been working on an animation-project for months and today when I tried to open my project file this notice appeared: ‘The file cannot be found. The file may have been moved renamed ore deleted. Further error messages will be suppressed. [E1211].’

And when I click ‘ok’ (cause there is no alternative), there it is, my animation-project, looking fine. I have not moved the file and I can find it on my computer but every time I open it this notice appears. I´m really worried sinse I’we been working on it for so long and have even more work ahead. I can’t just ignore it. What has happened? How do I fix it?

Can you open the file or does the software close without recognizing and opening it?

Have you tried opening the file by clicking on the file before opening the software?

Have you tried Right-Clicking on the file and choosing Open?

There is a point when you should stop trying to open the file and contact Toon Boom support. You might damage the file beyond salvaging.

If you can already get the file to open and just keep seeing this error message I would Save As and name it something like “…whatever it is titled now… 2 and 3” so you have a couple of backup copies.

Yes I can open it. That´s what is so weird. I can open it and everything I drew last time seems to be there. I made a copy and renamed it and the same thing happens when I open that one. First the notice appears telling me Toon Boom can’t find the file and when I klick ‘ok’ the file is open and everything seems to be in order.