Toon Boom Studio Rotoscoping

Am I correct in thinking that rotoscoping is a task that Toon Boom Studio can not perform? I think Solo can do it, but I’m unsure.

If it is possible, I could use some guidance on that front. I do know that video files can’t be imported so I’m wondering if I need to do something crazy to actually create this.

Thank you,

Rotoscoping is quite easy in TBS. You can take a video stream ideally formatted for Quick Time. Then using Quick Time Pro you can export that video as a sequence of images. I typically export to PNGs but there is no specific reason why JPG or GIF wouldn’t work. Once you have the video exported to an image sequence, you just import all or any part of that sequence to an image element. put the image element on your lowest x-sheet layer (your far right column) and turn on the auto light table (L) and you can work in drawing elements using the images as your reference. There are tricks to using live action for rotoscoping but those tricks have to do with the drawings you make and the distortions you need to add to keep the work from looking stiff and mechanical but as to getting the content into TBS and making use of it, all you need is to convert your video to an image sequence. -JK

Awesome JK, thank you. I had a feeling there might be a trick to it.

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Indeed, it’s a pretty neat trick! I usually import image files in sequence more as a motion guide than for actual rotoscoping…that is, if I’m drawing a walking sequence for an animal or something, I’ll break down a vid file with QT then import a few of the images via “elements” and use 'em for a guide to make sure I’m animating the locomotion properly. Works like a charm, believe me!