Toon boom studio light behind the sword

Hey im making my new animation. And i want to ask you, is it possible to do

the light behind the sword like in this movie ( i dunno how to say it in english - sorry :P)

I just started to make my new animation, i usually spend my time to make 3d graphics, but now i want to make 2d animation. This is my recently made animation

SO can you help me?

and i got question, because im not using new version of toon boom,
yesterday i downloaded TBS 6.0 its incredible ! and if i will make an animation in TBS 6 and in 20 days i will upgrade it i will can save the movie without any watermarks?

Anaswer on my 2 question, please :slight_smile:

For your first question, I do not think there is a way to do it automatically but there it is probably not too difficult to do.

As for your second question, if you buy the full version, you will be able to open the project with it and save the movie without the watermark.

ya i know it is impossible to do it automatically :wink:

So can you tell me how to do it ;)?

I did a quick test:

I did the glow by creating a layer under the drawing. Using the onion skin as a guide, I drew the glow’s shape frame by frame. I also made the color a gradient.

Finally for the soft edges, I applied the Tools > Feather Edges command.

I hope this helps you.