Toon Boom Studio - Is it worth continuing to work with?

I tried to reinstall Toon Boom Studio 7 (TBS) on my new computer, but when I managed my softwarelicence and returned it to TB to be able to reinstall it on my new comuter I recieve only Error messages, as well as an information that I dont have any desktop subscription. That is very strange. I suppose that Toon Boom is trying to close my license and force me to upgrade to something like Harmony.
I know that TBS 7 is old, but its good enough to just introduce good animation-skills to students.
My questions is generally for the TB support team, and I really want their answers to be public. It might help others with similar issues.
Is it worth continuing with TBS or is the support for the TBS program slowly dying? Is it necessary to upgrade to Harmony or similar?
I have problem to find any information about older TB programs at TB homepage. That information clearly need to be upgraded at the TB homepage.
Anyone else that had problems with software license for older versions of TB?


J. l