Toon Boom Studio Installation Problem - Solved

This is for future reference for anyone who has trouble installing Toon Boom Studio on Windows.

I was able to get it installed on my Macbook Pro with no problems, but when I installed it on Windows XP, I had a very weird problem where it installed properly but wouldn’t launch because it said that I was not an administrator, even though I most definitely was.

The problem ended up being the “Flexnet Licensing Service” – something got all messed up during the install, and it improperly installed the service itself. Basically I had a FOLDER called:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Macrovision Shared\FLEXnet Publisher\FNPLicensingService.exe

So even though it looks like a .exe file, there was no such file – only an empty folder with that name.

So, I deleted everything under “Macrovision Shared”, and the re-installed TBS over the top of the installation I just completed, and then activated my license. This time it DID create a .exe file instead of a folder. I have no idea what was wrong with it the first time, but now it’s working fine.

…DRM stuff is such a pain in the neck. If I pay you several hundred dollars, you should NOT hassle me with your silly DRM junk, ESPECIALLY if it’s defective like this. Put something in your app to phone home if someone is violating a license, but don’t hobble the product for legitimate customers just because you can’t build a proper install script… jeez.