Toon Boom Studio Crashes when using paint fill tool, please help.

Hi, I’m having trouble with toon boom studio when using the fill tool, I am currently working on an animation that consists of allot of “frame by frame” animation as apposed to “cut out” so this method uses allot of drawings. What is confusing me the most is that the program has been running very well untill coming to use this tool.

I have my prefference settings set to direct 3d and have unticked all of the boxed and tried to ensure maximum performance.

I Feel my computer more than meets the recommended specs for this program.

My specs are:

OS: Windows Vista, Home Basic (SP2)

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

Ram: 4.00 GB

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (with 256 MB dedicated memory)

32 bit operating system

I think that’s everything I hope somone can help me soon, this could be something simple but as I am new to TBS I’m not fully aware of all the ins and outs, the program does not like the paint fill tool and crashed without even an error message, It feels like somethings conflicting with it… anyway I hope what I’ve stated is enough for somone to suggest something to help out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



Hi Sam,We did identify a problem with the Fill tool.You can contact and we will help you resolve this issue.Thank you,Simon.

I am also having a problem with the fill tool.But TBS also crashes at other times.I run Win XP 32 bit