Toon Boom Studio Constantly Not Responding

Hello. I am using Toon Boom Studio 8.1 on Windows 7. The software will constantly stop responding (“Toon Boom Studio has stopped responding”) while working on a project. Sometimes it may be immediately after opening it up, while other times I might be able to work on the project awhile before it stops responding.

Any help is appreciated.

Perhaps the project is getting too big for memory available.
32-bit programs can use only up to 1.6GB.

I updated my graphics card/drivers, and ToonBoom was working for awhile, but last night the problem appeared again, and now the program moves very slowly.

Try copying only 1 scene into a separate project file then let us know how everything performs with a smaller project.

I don’t have the project divided into scenes. Is there a way to copy the element layers into a new scene/project, as I have many different layers?

I suggested a scene so it would be a complete sequence. It doesn’t have to be. Breaking up the file into smaller pieces is the objective. Can you copy 2 minutes worth of frames into a separate project file?

The entire project is about 2 or 3 minutes, so I copied 1 layer of drawings into a new project. Now there’s no slowdown.

Looks like working in smaller sizes could be a solution.

I have seen everyone recommending it, even the staff creating official tutorials for TB whom I would expect to have adequate hardware.

So what should be recommended for future projects? Dividing up into scenes, or separating into entirely different projects?

Do whatever it takes to keep the files down to a manageable size. Preplan a good spot to break up the project. Use a video editor to stitch the pieces together. I believe this is a typical workflow.

The project folder is 39.2 MB.

Sorry for the late reply.
Something I should add is that my video editing software (Pinnacle Studio 14) started having the same problem.

The project folder is taking up 39.2 MB of disk space. rkriz was referring to RAM. The project files may only take up a relative small amount of disk storage space. However to open and work with them requires RAM.

An analogy as an artist, I think of RAM as the art studio and disk space as the storage room. If you paint a large canvas or sculpt a large statue you need a large studio space to accommodate the object as well as movement and vantage points to view the project as you work. But the amount of space needed to store the materials tied to that project when not being worked on is going to be a lot less, especially with the painting.

I ordered more RAM a few days ago. Should that fix the problem?

Did you have less than the 4 GB recommended?

That 4 GB figure takes into account everything involved in running the software on your system.

With a large project you could be exceeding the system’s capabilities.

With a 32-bit system you will not be able to utilize larger amounts of RAM.

You could also try breaking up your projects and working on them in smaller pieces.

You can export the frames as PNG and assemble them in a video editor which may allow you to perform the task under your current constraints.

So, after installing the RAM, the problem was not resolved. The new RAM increased my total to 8 GB. I have a 64-bit system.

I actually don’t have the project split up into scenes (I didn’t know much about them until after starting the project). Will that help?