Toon Boom studio 8 too many layers slows it down

I just downloaded the full version of TBS 8.0 and I imported some png files of construction paper cut-outs I made that had the background removed in photoshop. When I import more than 3 of them into the timeline and convert each one to vectors it slows everything down to almost a complete stop. i can’t even scroll around without it skipping and stopping like it’s just so overloaded. What is going on here? Even with just too many drawing files it slows down like crazy. I’m so disappointed. The strange thing is that it didn’t seem to happen in the trial version.

If your projects contain a lot of imported bitmap images, textures or vectorized elements,
any system has to work hard to process all these information, specially in HD Resolution.

Either, open Studio’s Preferences / Display / and move the Texture & Image resolution slider to
“Faster Display” as low as possible… Maybe increase Memory Usage if possible.

Or, increase your system RAM / get a faster Hard-drive (SSD) / use a dedicated internal or external Media-Drive.

I’ve noticed that if you have ‘Top View’ or ‘Side View’ windows open, TBS slows down DRAMATICALLY. If you have one of those open, try shutting it. Makes a huge difference.

The other thing that I’ve seen cause slowdowns is having a lot of bone deformations active. Usually it’s more noticeable when when you’re skipping around in the timeline view than when you’re playing the .

I haven’t noticed a slowdown yet from importing too many PNGs, but maybe I just haven’t pushed the system hard enough yet.