Toon Boom Studio 8 is now available!

Toon Boom Studio 8 is now available! Exciting easy-to-use new features and enhancements! Introducing new prices. Upgrade or buy Toon Boom Studio 8 today and get exciting tutorials! Find out more here:

Do you know how to download the user manual? The Getting Started Guide is not enough.

rendering out a project and import the resulting bitmap sequence into Animate

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You can always find the menu online under

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Could you send this issue to ?
They will reply your question.

If it is posted here, all visitors can learn, rather than answering each person one at a time, over and over.

Upgrades are only $79!!! Still a bit pricy with MY income but ADOBE FLASH WANTS ALMOST THE PRICE OF TOON BOOM FOR AN UPGRADE!!! Yeah, NOT happening. Toon Boom is cheaper and easier to use, I’m sticking with Toon Boom. I love you Toon Boom crying like a baby I love you so much!!!

I love Toon Boom too :slight_smile:

Je possède un Mac version 10.6.8 voudrait télécharger TOON BOOM 8 possible ou pas ?

I just recently purchased Toon Boom Studio 8 during the Black Friday Sale, and I am so happy that I did. Initially, as an Anime Studio Pro user (I still use it), I wasn’t interested in a ‘download only’ product because SmithMicro gives you the option of buying a disc (which I still prefer, by the way), but at the lowered sake price of $149, I just couldn’t resist. I certainly prefer Toon Boom Studio’s drawing tools, as well as the fact that it gives me the ability to animate in several different styles. As a Montrealer, I can also take pride in the fact that I am using a ‘home-grown’ product. Toon Boom may consider Studio an animation software for hobbyists, but it certainly has all the features that you need to produce great-looking animation.


Hi, Is it possible to upgrade ToonBoom 6 to ToonBoom 8/new version? What’s the price?

Hi, Is it possible to upgrade ToonBoom 6 to ToonBoom 8/new version? What’s the price?

Yes, I upgraded straight from TBS Version 6.0 to 8.0 by just purchasing the upgrade at the Toon Boom web site store.

I have TB 4. Is it possible to upgrade to TB8, or will I have to purchase the full license?

How do you do that?

Animate usually crashes if I try to import movies or png sequences, and I’m on an 8 core MacPro with 18 GB RAM.

thanks for this comment i really want to user manual how to i get it. thanks

how to i get the manual

i have already toon boom 8 this is my first time to use this nice soft how to i started animation i mean how to i make cartoon with story to play on computer or tv. hope you are understand me. thanks

I purchased and started using Toon Boom Studio (TBS) last year, my first real 2D animation software. I started learning the software by drawing and animating really basic and simple stuff (as in doing lines, rectangles, ellipses) to understand the basics of key-framing, the layers/elements, cycles, etc. Now I’m making simple short animated movies for fun (lame plots, poor art, so-so animation, but tons of FUN!). My workflow is basically to (1) animate in TBS, (2) Export Movie scenes as AVI, (3) edit and put the movie together with captions + music in Windows Movie Maker (it’s free and easy to use, and I’m on a budget), (4) save the movie as MP4 video, (5) share/upload to YouTube (you can check out The Cubiclite channel). I hope that helps.