Toon Boom Studio 8 - Cannot animate my Drawing with Bones attached?

Hi guys, I need your help. I was trying to draw a simple square and simply add bones to it, But when I put it to Frame 17, the bone moves but my drawing isn’t. Can you guys explain why? Please. I really need to study animation using this software. So please, I really need your help.

I provided an Image below for my problem.

Thank you!

For me, I figure out how long my scene takes (in seconds, also in total frames), so that’s how long I extend the exposure of all my elements (characters, props, background, etc.). You can select multiple elements (clicking and holding SHIFT) and extend them all at once (right-click or CTRL+SHFT+1). This demo video has an example of what I mean (skip to 0:59):

Some items may show up only briefly during the scene, so we shouldn’t extend them with the same duration.

Please let me know if you need further clarifications or if I misunderstood your question.

From your screenshot, it looks like only Frame #1 is active because your drawing does not extend to Frame #17. One thing you can do is to extend the drawing so it shows up until Frame #17. To do that, in the Timeline View, go to Frame #17, right-click on your Drawing Element, select Extend Exposure.

Normally, you would go to your frame of interest, then apply the Extend Children Exposure operation on the Drawing-Skeleton element, which extends the Bone Group as well as the Skin Group all at once.

There are some Toon Boom Studio notes and demo videos on very simple bone rigging techniques that may help:

Thank you so much, it helps me a lot. :smiley: now I know, first I thought it was a bug or something, But it’s great that it fixed my problem now.

I have one more question, should I always apply this to the Drawing layer everytime I try to animate using bones, for example I animate the drawing layer jumping 50 frames, so I need to expand it 50 frames? Is there some sort of ways to expand it automatically or something?

Thank you for your help sir. :), For now. I’m out of question. Maybe I should also read the guide. To familiarize the software.