toon boom studio 8.1 wont launch

TBS 8.1 will not open. I notice that in task manager that TBS launches for about 3-4 seconds then closes. However no windows open on the screen. Running Win7, 4GB ram, Geforce 8400 512MB, 1280 X 1084, DirectX 10.

There are no error messages?

Check if there’s a problem with the license by opening
the License Manager and using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License

If the license is good, try updating your graphic card driver.
If it’s still not working, maybe your antivirus is blocking the
program somehow.

Sorry I don’t know enough about your platform, but it sounds like an older processor, is that right?

I’ve got a fairly recent Mac that I’ve souped up and Im surprised that it sometimes balks.

If the computer is always on, try closing all open programs before shutting it all the way down and let it sit for a few minutes to flush the buffers, then restart. My thought is to run TB without other “fetch” type pgms or a camera running in the background.
ToonBoom’s own tech support may be best source for specific information on your system.