Toon boom Studio 8.0 Trial problems

So, i have download the need stuff for toon boom, to quicktime and adobe reader and did everything but i get an error each time i try to get on

‘Quicktime is not installed on this machine.You must install quicktime to rn toon boom studio’

i do have the right quicktime though

Try uninstalling Quicktime, rebooting, and re-install Quicktime.

So I made my membership, but I can’t access the page for the Toon Boom 8 Trial. Every time I enter the area, I get a page that says “You must be a member to access this page” then an option to go to the Home page or the Store. I don’t want to buy the product until I’ve tested it out because it is a lot of money, and I wish to know if it will work for me before I pay. I am a member, I’ve registered and verified my email, else I couldn’t post here. How can I get the trial to work?

Try seeing if you have the latest version of both those programs. There is a chance it won’t run if you have an older version. It can also depend on how old your operating system is.