Toon boom studio 8.0 doesn't have the flatten tool?

I’ve just started to fiddle with toon boom studio 8, I’m testing the program out and I’m looking up all different kinds of tutorials to figure out how to use the basic tools and get used to how it differs from Adobe Flash professional CC 2015 (which was probably easier to pick up but gosh dang trying to do simple things like upload sound and lip sync was buggy as shit). One thing that’s kind of frustrating is all the tutorials I can find online for Toon boom are ALL DIFFERENT versions of the animation program. So There’s some guess work as to what my versions “version” of the tool differs from the one that I’m watching.

Something that I would GREATLY appreciate being able to do that I’ve seen in multiple tutorials which is to flatten my drawings. There is no “Draw on top” there is no “Flatten” or “Draw in back” options that I’ve seen anywhere. And I’ve tried using shortcuts that I’ve seen online. But it seems shortcuts differ from version to version too which is a headache.

Someone… anyone. Being able to flatten drawings would make my life SO much simpler ESPECIALLY for backgrounds. I’ve had to do some sloppy cleanups with the splice tool since everything is trying to overlap each other.

Have you checked in the top menu bar: Tools => Flatten ???

“Draw Top Layer” works with the Brush tool to instantly flatten lines. Draw => Draw Top Layer