Toon Boom Studio 7.1, Endless vectorization palettes

Hello everyone.
Does anyone have a fix for removing all of these blank vectorization palettes!? I don’t even understand why or how they keep multiplying, but it seems like every time I open any project these wastes of space and waste of my time continue to multiply. Toon Boom Studio 7.1 only allows you to delete palettes one by one which is completely ridiculous for something called a professional product especially considering it has this and other bugs and issues for animators to deal with. I’m only using two particular palettes, but they always get thrown into this sea of 400 blank vectorization palettes, so after having to restart the program because of a sudden crash I a bigger mess to deal with.

Advice and suggestions are must appreciated.

Never heard about it. Are you importing some SWF? Or has set to create a ‘New Palette’ as a shortcut? All the palettes in the project are stored in saved project file that can not be removed individually per project. By looking at the screen, it says vectorization palette so check if there is any SWF file either in template or in the scene that keep generating the palette. Also check on new blank project if it is also happening on new project. Then you might have some idea where the palette comes from. It might be also due to the shortcut. If it persistence or confused you, you better contact Toon Boom support.