Toon Boom Studio 6 will not launch

I had TBS v4.5 installed, and everything worked well until yesterday. When I started the program, the intro screen came up, but when I tried to create a new file an error message came up (with no error code) saying that Toon Boom Studio v4.5 has encountered an error and was forced to shut down. I tried changing the Renderer setting under preferences and restarting. Didn’t work. Tried reinstall, restarting the computer, changing the settings with any combination of these, updating my drivers, system restore, etc. So, I thought maybe if I upgraded it would work. I bought the version 6 upgrade online, installed it, and now have the same problem. At first, the v6 upgrade wouldn’t even get past the welcome screen without shutting down, but then I rolled back my graphics card driver, and it now makes it to the create screen. Of course, when I click create, it shuts down. I again changed all the settings, reinstalled, restarted, etc, but nothing seems to work, and now I’m out $70 and failing my assignment. I am running Windows 7, and an ATI Radeon HD5450 card. I know ATI cards have had problems with OpenGL (my Photoshop CS5 won’t allow it with this card), so is that the problem or is it something simple that I’m missing? I’ve even reinstalled 4.5 and tried to run it with both the original and updated drivers with no luck. Any ideas?

Hi Jason
It was probably msvcr90.dll error that conflicts with other application or system registry and by looking it, it is more related to the system that maybe fixed by restoring or reinstalling for the worst case.

Better contact support for your crash issue for more detail.