Toon Boom Studio 5.0 fails to initialize

After downloading the Trial version to be sure that it would run on my computer (it did), I bought the full version, which installed correctly and activated correctly but fails to initialize… I get an error message that it has encountered an error and has to shut down… after the splash pane appears.

I’m running this on a Win XP SP3 P4 3.06 GHz computer, with an Intel 915GV Chipset, 2 Gigs of RAM. I have no trouble running Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, and Cakewalk Sonar Producer on this computer, so I doubt it’s a hardware conflict. The video is onboard, the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 9000 with 224 MB shared memory.

The interesting part of this is that I uninstalled the Trial version, thinking that might help (it didn’t) and then reinstalled it, but when I reinstalled it I got the same error message as I did with the full version.

These were both installed in the default directories, I didn’t customize the installation in any way.

Now my guess is, since the Trial version ran fine at first, but didn’t run fine the second time, that all this is due to a registry key that I need to clear out. Any guesses? The Company hasn’t been able to help at all!!!

Well, I know from the full version, if one doesn’t deactivate (return) the License on one machine,
one might have difficulties to activate the software on a another machine…

Not sure, if this would apply for the Trial-version as well…? (I guess not…?)

But, didn’t you say: “you installed and activated correctly…?”

Have you deleted all files related to Toon Boom Studio…?
Check e.g. your Library- , Receipts-folder etc.
(I am using a Mac, so don’t know much about “Windows-folders”…?)

Here is a quote from the Toon Boom Knowledge Base…
running Studio in Compatibility Mode on Windows XP:
"To do that you will need to go find the TBS.exe file. Then right click on it and open the Properties window. After that, go in the Compatibility tab and check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and go select Windows XP. Once done, Toon Boom Studio should launch without any problems."

Please have a look at the product activation procedures:

If nothings works, you should contact Toon Boom…


Hi, curious if RichardL got his issue resolved. I’ve had the exact same issue, similar environment. I’m working with support now. I’ve gone so far as to roll my PC back to factory software and doing minimum upgrades to XP (SP2) and Quicktime and still the issue is persistent.

I was able to go back to the trial and finish my work, but after the rollback I can no longer run the trial either.

Meanwhile I can install TBS V5 on my wife’s machine just fine. So I’ve exported my work without watermarks, but really want to get things straight on my machine. I will try Nolan’s suggestions, too.

Okay, I solved this problem now. Here’s what I did: I uninstalled Toon Boom Studio 5 again, checked in the Program Files directory where I found that the uninstall procedure had left a Toon Boom Studio directory, deleted that directory, rebooted my computer and…

Installed it in FRENCH instead of ENGLISH… and voilà!!! It worked finally.

Since I did two things at once, I’m not sure which one of them was the significant factor. Or you may have to do both simultaneously, as I did. At any rate, if you can read French, try installing it in French next time!

It was probably clearing out the Program Files directory that solved your problem. Sometimes the installer can’t clear out files properly because of permission issues or because of a program that’s left open during install.

I’m glad you solved the problem!

Great to hear! I have been removing the library file which gets left behind under My Documents. It sounds like you are finding remnants in C:\Program Files\ToonBoom Studio? I will try this tonight. If this is the case I think Toonboom needs an uninstall .exe to do a clean uninstall instead of Control Panel - add/remove programs. --Jeff

Unfortunately, I found no remnants in C:\Program Files\ and also tried to install in French and no success.

If you found remnants or .dlls deeper in C:\Windows registries or somewhere else please let me know.

I’m going to roll back my machine again but this time do nothing but install Windows with none of the supplimental software and do nothing but upgrade XP to service pack 2 and install Quicktime and see if it works.

I’m running Service Pack 3, so you imght try that.

As a P.S. to anyone with this problem… if the French install works, you can change MOST (but not ALL!) of the menu commands back to English by choosing the language option within the software program.