Toon Boom Studio 4.5

sorry about beating a dead horse.
i have a non academic version (3.5).

if i buy the upgrade today for 4.5 i can download 4.0 and then 4.5 again
and not get charged again?

In order to upgrade from an academic version of TBS 3.0, you’ll need to re-confirm your academic status with current proof of your student or faculty status. Please fill out the Academic Registration Form and return it to us with your current proof of status.

The price to upgrade to Toon Boom Studio 4 academic is $49.99 USD and you will receive an automatic upgrade to 4.5 upon release.

If you’re purchasing your upgrade from an authorized reseller, they will also honor the upgrade.
Thank you,

Wow great…i will probably do that.

But i will be purchasing the upgrade from the academic superstore…is that a site that is authorized,and will honor the upgrade?

Thanks alot Karen

Hi Robin,

If you did buy from a reseller and want to upgrade directly with Toon Boom you will need to get your software registered. Once it is registered you will have access to complete the upgrade on our website.

In theory if you purchase directly from us you should not have any issue downloading though I must admit I am not quite aware of the VAT issue you were encountering. In any case if I can be of any further assistance make sure to let us know.

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P.S. to orcokid, Yes if you buy now you will get 4.0 until 4.5 is released then will get your 4.5 key upon launch.

Hi, Ugo, I am quite willing to register if I didn’t do it (I don’t remember), but if I understand things correctly- and I am not so sure of that- I am supposed to pay VAT whatever I buy according to the local regulations, especially being a professionnal. I checked the local retailer, they don’t even mention the existence of an upgrade.
Thanks from Robin

Hi Robin,

In theory if you purchase online since the software do not cross any actual border you should not be charged VAT. This being said if you order a physical copy of the software you may have though the physical copy being a backup disk I (contains no actual key) its value is around 10$ so the VAT should be applied to that.

You are responsible for paying those fees if the package get stuck at the border though as previously mention if you only do the online purchase you should not have any extra fees applied (this is at least what I have been told on my side).

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Interesting. So according to this, I could have bought TBS 4.0 directly from Toon Boom, provided it was online. Would have saved some money.
Thanks from Robin.

For specific issues related to purchasing and promotions, the forum is not really the place to ask because this info can change. For the most up to date information regarding upgrading, cross-grades and promotions, please email qour queries to: for the official answers.