Toon Boom Studio 4.5

Just saw the announcement on the homepage about the release of Studio 4.5. I noticed that the prices haven’t yet been updated. Ugo, is there any indication how much the upgrade to 4.5 will cost?

Will this be a free upgrade for all 4.0 users, or just those who buy 4.0 after July 25?

We bought ours several months ago.

I got mine at the end of May, so it’s a bit annoying that the upgrade is now suddenly available.

also about the upgrade…i dont see any upgrade prices for the academic versions anymore?

how much would it cost for me to upgrade from the acedemic 3.0 to academic 4.5
i remember the upgrade price to 4.0 was 50$ for academic pricng…is thats still true.

I cant find the chart on the site showing the academic pricing upgrades?

Just to set the record straight, it has been approximately one year since the release of version 4.0. As a general rule a new release every year is both reasonable and expected. Secondly, the development of Digital Pro and the development of Studio are done by different project teams and there is no conflict or sacrifice made in favor of one application or the other. -JK

I still don’t understand the payment structure.


I’ll try to break this down and see if I’m right.

If I’m a new customer, I pay $399. I get version 4 with a key that will unlock 4.5 when the time comes.

If I already have version 4 (express or academic), I pay $249. Then I get… what? A new 4 key that will unlock 4.5 later?

If I never upgraded to 4, but still use 3 or 3.5, I pay less for an upgrade, only $99. I immediately get a 4 key that unlocks 4.5 later.

Can this be right? Shouldn’t the people still using 3 have to pay more than the ones who are upgrading from 4?

I think that you are confusing a pretty simple process that isn’t new. It is the same process they do for every new version release of TBS. I started with V 1.0 so I’ve been through this a few times before.

If you bought a copy of standard TBS prior to the announcement of the V4.5 release then you have the option to upgrade for a fee normally less than $99 (still to be announced).

This include all licensed owners of prior versions with some restrictions for people who own a version below V3.0 (that’s a guess but probably accurate.)

If you don’t own standard TBS then you can cross-upgrade from other approved Toon Boom products that you do own. If you do that right now for TBS V4.0, then you will be entitled to V4.5 at no additional cost when it is released.

If you don’t own any cross upgradable Toon Boom products and you want to buy TBS 4.0 new right now, then you will be entitled to V4.5 when it is released at no additional cost beyond the purchase price for V4.0.

So there are four ways to go depending on your current situation:
1. Upgrade from a current version of standard TBS to V4.5
2. Don’t upgrade from a current version of TBS (it is optional)
3. Cross Upgrade from an approved Toon Boom product to TBS V4.0 and receive the V4.5 upgrade when it is released as part of your V4.0 purchase.
4. Buy TBS V4.0 new today and receive the V4.5 upgrade when it is released as part of your V4.0 purchase.

I hope this clears things up for you. -JK

hey maddogmike the same thing happened to me last year.
i felt the same way because i got mine in may.
BUT, toonboom is a great program and i stuck with my version (3.5)
and learned it. there is so much stuff in it that i still encounter new things and new tricks.
Now i am a very good grasp on this program (I’m releasing a fan tutorial podcast soon because there doesn’t seem to be any).

Dont get upset, there is so much in your version and when 5.0 comes out get it.

the jump from 3.5 4.0 didn’t seem like to much, however to 4.5 seems huge.

if you stick with your version it is great, trust me it will keep you happy

I purchased Toon Boom Studio on July 24th. Somehow paying extra for an upgrade announced the NEXT DAY doesn’t quite sit well with me. I would have waited the day, had I known!

What will the upgrade price from 4.0 be?

Thanks, JK. I figured it was something like that. I just think they should be clearer on their sales page.

I suppose Toonboom’s focus right now is selling to those who haven’t already purchased 4.0, including new customers.

You are always more than welcomed. As to the motivations of anyone other than myself, I have no way of answering. But I believe that there are always two constituencies that are involved when it comes to software sales. There are current users and potential users. Both groups are important. The current users provide a base and are the best references a software company can hope to have because current users can offer non-biased endorsements of the products and they also help to introduce new users to the product. You can only sell so much based on marketing hype, then the real measure of a product has to be shown by performance and results. The real bench marks for performance and results comes from the user community. -JK

is it possible we can get a adminastrator in here to answer some of these questions

Hi everyone,

Sorry I wasn’t able to give an input before now. Concerning the upgrade to 4.5 from 4.0 it will be available upon release. There might be promotion for upgrade as we get closer to the release but I can’t say much more about this (at most it will be 99$ since that is the standard upgrade price).

As for people that currently buy Toon Boom Studio 4.0 (not an actual upgrade but a full purchase) you will be sent a link to your license key and download to get the new version once it is released.



well what about a upgrade price for academic pricing?I currently own version 3.0 academic and would like to know how much it would cost to upgrade to 4.5 academic?And could it be possible that i upgrade to 4.0 academic…and still receive 4.5 licence key?

And one last question…if i were to perchase the 4.0 upgrade from 3.0 from another site could i receive the 4.5 download key

Hi Gridiron,

Concerning the academic upgrade from 3.0 to 4.5 (currently presale to 4.0 which will be converted to 4.5 upon release) it should currently be 49.99$ Be aware that those are the last couple of days you will be able to proceed an upgrade from 3.0 for once the software is release the previous 2 versions available for the upgrade will be 3.5 and 4.0.

To get the academic pricing you will first need to fill in the academic registration form available at the following link and send it to She will get the approval and give you the rest of the procedure to complete the upgrade:

Let us know if you need any further help let us know.



thanks ugo.

But about the academic redrstration.

I already regestered on the academicsuperstore website,which is were i purchased the academic 3.0 version.

Instead of going through another regrestration to be approved for academic pricing on this site. If i were to get the 4.0 upgrade from that site would that still allow me to receive the free key for 4.5?

I’m really looking forward to this upgrade it will have the features I really want.

So let me get this straight. I purchased the full v4.0 a year ago so that would mean an upgrade price of US$99? Any idea when the upgrade will be available? My creative side is getting itchy :slight_smile:

Hi Griridon,

You may have to still fill in the academic registration thing to confirm you are still working or attending to school. In any case you should get in contact with our sales department for more information about this.


I do not personally have the upgrade price or date of availability but it should be pretty soon and around 99$ or less.


I don’t have much control over what the marketing plan is but I will try to bring this up on the upcoming meeting we have.



If anyone can answer for TBS. My present concern is about how to buy the upgrade. Suppose you’ve bought TBS from a european retailer, because of the VAT problems. You can’t download the software, they have to send you the box, which, by the way, is more expensive. (I won’t say I like that). Now what happens with the upgrade?
Thanks from Robin

In order to upgrade from an academic version of TBS 3.0, you’ll need to re-confirm your academic status with current proof of your student or faculty status. Please fill out the Academic Registration Form and return it to us with your current proof of status.

The price to upgrade to Toon Boom Studio 4 academic is $49.99 USD and you will receive an automatic upgrade to 4.5 upon release.

If you’re purchasing your upgrade from an authorized reseller, they will also honor the upgrade.

Thank you,