Toon Boom Studio 3.5.1 Announcement

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to tell you that the Toon Boom Studio V3.5 service pack 1 (build 99) is ready to download from our website.

Please visit the members section to locate the download.

This is a free upgrade to all Toon Boom Studio 3.5 users.

In addition of the support for Windows Vista, TBS 3.5.1 address some problems found in build 58 released last September.

Thank you!


Thanks Mathieu! :-* :wink:

I don’t see a patch for TBS 3.5 in the lownload area. What is the link?

Click on the “Members” tab, then when your profile opens click on the “My Products” tab. Finally, click “Download” next to your TBS license key.


Three quick question here:

Do I install over the existing build or do I un-install the old and re-install the new?

Do I need to take any steps to ensure my personal library content is seemlessly integrated in the new installation?

Is there a site telling us whats fixed, or whats addressed under this revision?


Saw a great write-up on TBS in Animation Magazine last month!

Hi Tiger,

For the first question, when you install the new patch it will actually uninstall the old one first then you will need to run the installer again and it will install the new build.

Concerning the library there should not be any problem. You can always move everything to a new external library and import that library afterward but everything will be compatible.

As for what is fixed I don’t even have the list myself but there is plenty of stuff that has been addressed.

Best regards,


Ugo, I had been storing my animations in the same directory as the Toon Boom application (the default location when you go to save your work). I installed version 3.5.1 and now everything I’ve worked on seems to be missing.

A search for all tbpd or tbp files only shows the tutorial files and a search in the trash did not show anything. Is my work gone for good?

Hi Will,

I went all around the place to look for a solution but it seem that on Mac whenever you write over a folder it simply replaces everything instead of only replacing the files that are the same.

I have mentioned to our product manager that the default location to save the project should be changed and this will be in the top priority.

Unfortunately, for now OSX does not seem to handle any roll back (this is one of the main feature of the next version) though I know some of our client managed to do it (not sure if they were using a software of some sort). In any case it might be a good idea to try to contact Apple about that maybe there is a way I am not aware of to get this done.

We are truly sorry about the inconvenience this have caused you.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’d be lying if I said my eyebrows weren’t furrowed right now, but the dude abides.

I have already changed the name of the TBS folder to “Toon Boom Studio 3.5.1” to avoid this problem.

But now, if you whish to uninstall TBS 3.5.0 you will need to erase the old folder manualy.

You can have two versions of TBS running on the same machine at the same time.



Do you by any chance have TechTool Pro or some similar utility software loaded on your computer? I ask because these applications are able to retrieve files that have been trashed. I’ve done so a number of times.


Seems like more work needs to be done… :-\

I am on a Mac. Not an Intel Mac, yet, just an older G4. I am running system 10.3.9.

I have not downloaded SP1 yet.

I am just curious what precautions need to be taken or what I should do. I am not working on any new projects right now. Just sort of getting reestablished on this program.

Any help here would be great as the current 3.5 version seems to run fine.

-Evan Jacobs

Toonboom is recommending to run V3.5 with G4/5/OSX 10.4.7 (Tiger) -
please check the System Requirements:

As long as TBS V 3.5 runs fine on your G4 Mac with OSX 10.3.9
I presume it will run with V3.5.1 as well.

Just save 3.5 and install 3.5.1 and see how it goes.
(you can always go back)


Well, I downloaded it and it seems to be fine…

Nobody ever told me when I asked the people at TBS about running it in Mac OS 10.3.9… that I should be running it in Tiger.

So far it seems to be fine but I really haven’t used it much.

What should I do about the older version of TBS V3.5?

Also, my new one doesn’t say V3.5.1 when I open the program. It still just says 3.5.

Is this normal?


Evan Jacobs

I am pleased to hear that V3.5, SP1, build 99 is still working with OSX 10.3.9.

If you like, you only have to keep V3.5, build 98, for “sentimental reason” -
otherwise you might like to delete it.

What you have is still V3.5, but it’s called “build 99” that indicates the newest version.
In the Top Toolbar go to “About Toon Boom Studio v3.5” and the window should show you
the “ Build 99”.



What is the easiest way to delete “V3.5, build 98”?

Is it as simple as opening up the APPLICATIONS folder on my Mac, grabbing the V3.5 folder and throwing it in the the trash?

Or, are there a bunch of folders I need to dump in addition to that?

Also, what is the problem if I just leave things as they are now?

Thank you for your help,

Evan Jacobs

I presume you keep your “Toon Boom Studio” Folder in your Application-folder.
(This should be the build 99).

If you open that Folder it might contain : (at least it does here)
Build Machine info.txt / Documentation / readme.html / Samples /
TBSV35_QuickStartTutorial.pdf / Toon Boom Studio / Tutorials.

If anything is missing and you have it in your build 98 folder - just drag it over -
than you can delete the build 98 folder - but of course you can leave things just as they are
and keep both version - even run them both - there should be no problem with that.


Thank you Nolan.

I am just going to leave everything as it is.

Thank you again.

Evan Jacobs

I’ve upgraded to 3.5.1 recently and now can’t load any of my templates. I get the error:
Could not load template: DER DER rig.tbt etc when I try to double click or drag the template into the window.

I got an error message at first which said it couldn’t load the library but I spotted the solution on another forum. However, now there’s nothing in my library and I can’t load the templates I have from the elearning kit.

Am I missing something obvious?

OS X 10.4.8, Macbook Pro