Toon Boom Storyboard TB studio and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

Hi Dears! It would be like for me if somebody tell me which one of the best for drawings ??? (Toon Boom Storyboard TB studio and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro).

Hi,Storyboard is not meant to do animation so those two can’t quite be compared.Regards,Ugo

AND also… please help me tell me were i found drawing tutorial for TB storyboard. :o

Check in the Welcome screen when you open the program.Storyboard Pro is made to do storyboards and animatics while Storyboard is for doing only storyboards. The project done in either one are compatible but of course you won’t see the animatics in Storyboard.Toon Boom Storyboard TB studio doesn’t exist :D. There is Stoyboard, Storyboard Pro, Studio, Studio Express, Digital Pro, Harmony and soon Pencil Check.

Sir who is the best for drawing, :’( (storyboard,storyboard pro)And I know that but I want some other tutorial:’(

They both have the same drawing tools. It’s only that Pro gives you the choice to do Animatics also. So if you don’t want to create animatics just take Storyboard.